November 22 2012

Shah GiniiKhii: Lesson 1

Here is our first lesson! Today we learn how to say, "Good afternoon.  My name is _____. "  We also learn how to say where you are from.

Our speakers in this lesson are Brenda Kaye, Joel Peter, and Mary Jane Moses.

November 20 2012

Shah GiniiKhii

Shah Giniikhii means "speak with me" in Gwich'in.  Welcome to the Van Tat Gwich'in Language Podcast, where you get the chance to listen to our language, learn how it is spoken, and get to speak it, too!

If you are a Gwich'in language speaker or someone just learning and would like to be one of the voices on our podcast, please come to the John Tizya Centre in Old Crow and let Brenda Kaye know.  We would like everyone to have the chance to speak our language!


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